Good Girls of Godiva High, The

Released at: January 1, 2000 by VCX
The Good Girls of GODIVA HIGH opens up in the girls' gymnasium when we are introduced to the loveliest set of young ladies any modern high school could produce. And then of course we are introduced to the problems inherent in any modern education. While scanning through Playgirl educating their minds, our young heroines are discussing the possibility of doing away with the normal Glenn Miller type band and instituting a new tradition at Godiva High; a conservative, well-mannered and discreet Disco Party. But how to convince Miss Lena, the headmistress? Through one of the boys at the local boys school, naturally, who just happens to be her gardener. Our handyman-janitor, Charlie, turns out to be campus psychologist and sexologist, and Chief Advisor. So with a little coaxing, Charlie advises the girls of one of Miss Lena's weaknesses, namely the boyfriend of one of our girls who is part-time gardener for Miss Lena. He "convinces" her that in this day and age Glenn Miller should certainly be laid to rest! From that point on, our heroine Kitsy directs her girls in the fine art of extricating what is needed from the men and boys in and around Midvale to make this 'Graduation Disco Party' one of the hottest memories of these young girls' lives!

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