Golden Girls 20 - Two Dolls & A Guy

Released at: August 4, 2009 by HotOldmovies
2 vivacious dolls and one lucky guy have a sticky hot threesome. First, the girls lather each other up into frenzy in the shower. They carry on with play time in the living room as their mustached stud gets teased and titillated. Finally, one gal services him with a full lipped blow job. Each gal gets a turn getting filled with his thick tool until they watch him explode! **Original Liner Notes:** Two very turned on ladies are in a happy, carefree and very sexual mood. Harry, at first, is kind of bored with it all. Karen jumps in the shower and the how, warm liquid strokes her fires to the point where Sandy's cunt looks good enough to eat. It does, she does and Harry's indifference soon turns to enthusiasm (who wouldn't, with two beautiful ladies offering him their luscious bodies!)

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Scene1: 00:00:03 - 00:02:41 (2:38)

Scene2: 00:02:42 - 00:05:40 (2:58)