Golden Girls 126 - Love And Kisses

Released at: October 4, 2009 by HotOldmovies
It's so sweet to see a very cute lesbian couple in love together. Today they are relaxing around the pool in their cute new bikinis. When Lara sees Anny coming out of the water dripping wet she just can't resist her body and calls her over for some afternoon delight. This film was shot on 8mm film and in color. **Original Liner Notes:** Lana and Anny came to an agreement. If Lana wants Anny all she has to do is kiss her. Anny says it's the way Lana parts her lips that keeps her from saying no!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:04:44 (4:43)

Scene2: 00:04:44 - 00:07:25 (2:41)