Girls On Machines - Taylor Kurtis

Released at: October 23, 2009 by
Taylor Kurtis is back and she is still one sexy thing. We missed seeing her perfect body grace our studio so we jumped at a chance to get her back in for a sybian ride. She had been shacked up with some dumb ass who couldn't satisfy her cravings for a big orgasm. That was about to change. She was very eager to take the sybian for a spin and rub her clit at 3000 rpms. She got a sex-craved look in her eyes when we hit the gas and vibrated her so hard the entire bed was shaking. Her nipples got hard when she threw her head back and clawed her fingernails into the front of the sex machine and we got excited as we watched her cum so hard that she started shaking. We brought the speed down to tease and cranked it up again until she popped again.

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