Girls Get Excited

Released at: September 13, 2011 by abbywinters
Cleo and Zora kiss and caress, perving on each other, their hands down their pants, desire in their eyes, but something's holding them back. It soon becomes clear this was MEANT to be just a double masturbation video-no oral sex allowed (whoa!). But there are times when your own fingers just can't satisfy a pussy the same way a strong, wet tongue can! Cleo and Mayla have two sets of beautiful breasts, two beautiful hair-do's, two beautiful, kissable sets of lips, and two deliciously beautiful pussies on two remarkable girls. Cleo and Mayla get right into the kissing and foreplay, touching each other's breasts. But they need something deeper, inserting fingers and eating each other's pussies. These two girls have both experienced Girl-Girl sex and knew what the other desired.

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