Girls Exciting Girls

Released at: November 29, 2011 by abbywinters
Tall blond Gaby just bought a new set of Kama Sutra cards when dark curvy Kandice came to visit. The girls decided to try some sex positions. At first the girls are all giggly, but soon they're getting warmed up for some long and intense licking and fingering. Although Gaby never had sex with a woman before she makes Kandice come, helping her draw out a long and exciting orgasm. The alluringly seductive and sexually magnetic Nayomi with her beautiful dark skin looks amazing against Gretchen's pale, soft skin. In this intensely intimate set, where Nayomi playfully entices Gretchen from the kitchen and tempts Gretchen away from the stove. As soon as Gretchen gives in to Nayomi's seduction, Nayomi unleashes herself on Gretchen as she starts to tear into Gretchen's large, pert breasts and full bush. Moving around the room, the two repeatedly treat each other to passionate and fast paced oral. Trying to keep up with these two is definitely an enjoyable task and one you'll want to experience again and again!

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