Girls & Their Toys #5

Released at: August 9, 2002 by Starr Productions
These girls love their toys and can't wait to share with their BFF's. The girls also take turns in pleasuring each other in four hardcore scenes! They have dildos, double dongs, vibrators, strap-ons and all sorts of aids to drive each other up a wall! These luscious vivacious nymphs love to play while you watch. Dig out your own toy and start to play while these cunt craving ladies let you see what happens when the boys are away...and how they love to play!

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Scene1: 00:00:21 - 00:15:32 (15:11)

Scene2: 00:15:33 - 00:43:01 (27:28)

Scene3: 00:43:02 - 01:10:50 (27:48)

Scene4: 01:10:51 - 01:23:30 (12:39)