GirlGuru: Nessa Devil

Released at: February 21, 2013 by GirlGuru
Nessa Devil is as nice as she is beautiful. Seeing her, you will want to be near her, to shower her with luxuries. But despite her classic beauty this 21 year old girl from Prague is amazingly modest and endearing, with a fine sense of humor. For this interview she was willing to answer even very intimate questions - but only with her boyfriend at her side. The two obviously are very much in love. This is the reason why you can't get Nessa in front of the camera with any other male partner. For the future, she even plans to have a family and three or four kids with him. Although it looked a bit as if he wasn't that enthusiastic about so many kids. For Nessa, there is private sex, and there is sex in front of the camera. Only private sex is real for her. Everything else is just a game. A game, though, which she takes part in with very convincing sensuality and passion. Watching her, you will know that she loves it! Oral sex is one of her favorites; and she likes sucking cock as much as getting her pussy licked. In the sex scenes with her boyfriend, after an enticing striptease leaving you wanting more, you can watch both for yourself. And other erotic games! Nessa likes anal sex as well, though, and bisexual games with other girls. Only when asked whether she masturbates she became quite embarrassed and evasive.

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