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Released at: January 4, 2023 by abbywinters
Scene one: Alice gazes adoringly at her girlfriend and moans. "Do you want me to cum?" "Please do! Just open your legs so I can see." Alexandra happily replies and savours Alice's blissful moans. Then it's Alexandra's turn to be ravished. Alice laps her smooth vulva and penetrates her with a gentle rhythm, until her pale skin flushes pink with a sensual orgasmic release. More pleasure is in store for the adorable couple during a steamy 69, followed by tribbing and mutual masturbation, all mixed with tender kisses. Satisfied and exhausted, the lovers hold each other close in a romantic embrace and drift off to nap. Scene two: Josephine slides to the floor and settles in between Manon's wide open legs, tenderly licking her hairy pussy while fingering her and Manon gazes down adoringly. "How do you want to cum?" Manon asks. "On this chair, follow me!" Josephine replies, playfully dragging her into a position where they can make out while masturbating each other. Manon looks thrilled when she strokes Josphine's clit to a blissful orgasm, then eagerly kneels down to give her another one with her mouth. After that, Manon lies back to be penetrated for an exquisite climax of her own, then wraps her arms around her best friend in a loving embrace.

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