Gentlemen Prefer Brats

Released at: August 4, 2009 by Shadow Lane
Sex kitten Artemis Antone behaves more like a spoiled brat than a responsible partner when she and her associate Arthur Meeks are dispatched to a Las Vegas trade show to make connections for their firm. Instead of mingling on the convention floor, Artemis charges Moet et Chandon to their room and settles down to enjoy herself at the company's expense! Appalled by her profligacy and piqued at her idleness, Arthur indignantly turns the naughty flirt over his knee and spanks her bottom carnation pink. Complaining petulantly of her partner's severity the saucy minx is shocked when he orders her to spank herself! However amusing, her self-spanking reprieve is brief and Arthur soon resumes smacking her voluptuous backside, now with a wooden hairbrush. Artemis finally gets her champagne, plus a sufeit of discipline, by hand, flogger and strap. But it is not until she is spanked and deftly manipulated to climax by her partner's slender fingers and decadently invasive sex toy, (an undulating vibrator, not pictured) that Artemis begins to regard her co-worker in the light of a lover. Gentlemen Prefer Brats will delight those who enjoy seeing the more erotic aspects of spanking tastefully and tenderly portrayed. Digital penetration, vaginal and anal masturbation all juxtaposed with spanking make this another splendid couple's video.

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