Garbage Pail Girls

Released at: August 7, 2001 by Powersville Inc.
Cream Puff Patty - Has a sweet tooth and is forever in need of cream filling. Patty loves to taste her ass juices and can often be found lying in dumpsters behind French pastry shops coved in flies. She's sticky and she's disgusting. Trash Can Tina - She lives in a trash can and comes out whenever she smells ball sweat. Her favorite meal is a hot helping of man ass. Garbage Moth Gia - Made from the muck of a dumpster, this little pack of garbage gobbles up every cock that come near her container. Her pussy is constantly oozing slimy juices and needs non stop fucking of all her orifices or else she will explode. Toilet Seat Trudie - Trudie lives in a toilet and rises up to feed off the assholes that sit upon her. Subsisting upon the semen and ass sweat of men is all she needs to live. Like any other Garbage Pail Girl she needs non-stop ass fucking to feel wanted.

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