Friends & Lovers Vol. 3

Released at: December 11, 2019 by EroticaX
Athena Faris resists the prodding of her co-working and love interest to get up and get ready for work. She eventually convinces him to take a wicked ride between the sheets for some torrid morning sex. Winter Jade was told by her last date that she was a terrible kisser, she asks her friend Tommy Woods to give her a few pointers which turns into a round of passionate sex. When her ballroom dance partner drops out of the year's big performance, Eliza Ibarra enlists the help of a young French student to fill in. He's a terrible dancer but the chemistry between them is undeniable and sparks fly in the right direction. After Vina Sky's boyfriend breaks up with her, she turns to her best friend Michael Vegas to try and figure out what went wrong, but soon realizes she's been in love with him all along.

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Vina Sky