Fresh Hot Babes 18

Released at: July 3, 2001 by West Coast Productions
**Lee, 18:** Lee is 100% natural. Long hair down her back. This is an explosive sex scene. Definitely one of the hottest Fresh Hot Babes scenes ever. She's off the Hook!! **Bamboo, 20:** This was Bamboo's first time in America, her first time having sex on camera and her first time having anal sex! You must see this. **Clarissa, 19:** This was her first time having sex in front of the camera. She was really nervous. She warmed up and got into it big time! **Bunny Luv, 18:** Bunny is cute as a button. Tons of Sexual Heat. I would love to video her again and again. Find out way. **Salena Del Ray, 22** This girls wild, wild wild!!! See her in this sneak preview of "There's Something About Jack"

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Scene1: 00:08:51 - 00:33:27 (24:36)

Scene2: 00:33:28 - 00:57:00 (23:32)

Scene3: 00:57:00 - 01:19:50 (22:50)


Bunny Luv

Scene4: 01:19:50 - 01:43:53 (24:03)

Scene5: 01:43:54 - 01:53:22 (9:28)