Freaks Down The Street Vol. 2: Girlfriends, Friends, Neighbors

Released at: November 15, 2020 by Horny Household
Latina Threesome With Girlfriend And Friend: Conor's sexy Latina girlfriend Luna Leve has invited over one of her other sexy Latina friends, Mia Rodriguez, to "hang out". It's not long before the Luna gets right to the point and asks Conor if he's ready for a threesome. The horny latinas rip off Conor's shorts, and start sharing his massive cock with their mouths and tongues. The girls strip and Luna sits on Conor's face as Mia continues suck his cock. After a few minutes, Luna bends over so Conor can fuck her doggstyle while she sucks on Mia's sweet nipples. Luna then switches positions to ride Conor's cock while Mia rides his face. The trio move to one final position as Conor fucks Mia doggystyle while Luna lays underneath and licks on Mia's pussy and Conor's cock during penetration. Conor thrusts away until he cums all over Mia's ass. Amazon Blonde Comes Over To Make A BJ Video: Blonde beauty, Mia Vallis, sits on the bed in black heels, black panties, and a pink tank top. Mia introduces herself, and says exactly what she is there for- to give an amazing blowjob, and get face-fucked. Conor begins to ask Mia questions, "How tall are you?" Mia answers that she is 6ft, her legs alone are 3ft. Conor asks what Mia's heritage is, and she answers "Icelandic". Conor asks about Mia's breasts, and she answers that she is a "C" cup. Mia begins to strip her clothes off, starting with her pink tank top. Mia lays back on the bed, and she starts to rub herself through her thong. She turns around, and strips off her thong over her big round ass. Mia plays with herself from behind, and shakes her ass slightly from side to side. Mia lays back on the bed, and begins to play with her pussy. She rubs her clit, and moans. Conor tells Mia to come over to him, and Mia crawls all the way to Conor's lap. Mia strips off his pants, and begins to lick all over his cock. Mia sucks Conor's cock, and shoves every inch down her throat. "I'm super sloppy", spit trails from Mia's mouth as she moves her head up and down on Conor's cock. She strokes his cock with her hand, while sucking the tip..and continues to deep throat him. Conor lays down, and Mia gets on top of him and deep throats his cock. Mia rubs Conor's cock all over her face, and takes all of his cock down her throat. Mia's eye makeup begins to run down her face, as her eyes water from Conor's cock deep in her throat. Mia lays on her back, with her head laying off the bed. Conor fucks Mia's face as she lays there, taking every inch. Mia licks and sucks on Conor's balls, and deep throats him again. She lays her bed back on the bed, and Conor keeps fucking her face. Mia takes all of Conor's cock, and strokes him until he cums all in her mouth. Mia plays with the cum in her mouth before swallowing every bit of it. Conjugal FootJob with MILF Prisoner: Conor has come for his weekly visit to his MILF girlfriend, Erica Lauren, in women's prison. Erica walks into the visiting room with her hands and feet shackled. The couple miss each other so much, are not even allowed to touch each other during the visitation. Despite this, Erica finds a visual loophole, and starts rubbing her bare feet on Conor's crotch while talking dirty. After a little teasing, Conor checks back towards the door, and then whips out his massive cock for foot pleasure. Erica strokes his cock with her feet under the table until Conor blows his cum load all over her sexy bare feet. The satisfied couple then rush to clean-up and and re-shackle Erica before the prison guards come in to end their time.. See you next week! Deepthroat Sucking Turns Deep Dick Fucking: The beautiful Newbie, Lena Alexis, answers some questions about sucking cock... and starts to strip. Lena lays back on the bed and plays with her pussy, bending over & showing off all her holes. Lena crawls over to Conor's cock and starts to suck him off. Lena deep throats Conor's cock, taking it all down with spit everywhere. She lays back on the bed, and Conor licks her wet pussy. Conor sticks his cock deep inside Lena's tight pussy, and fucks her hard. Lena rides his cock, then sucks him off until he cums all inside her mouth.

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