Foot Stories

Released at: August 1, 2009 by Brazilian Boxxx
There are 2 distinctly different stories being told in Foot Stories. First there is a woman in the bathroom, and when her gal pal tries to come in the room she is pissed at the interruption and decides to teach her a lesson. She orders the girl to suck her toes. But not just her toes; she makes her suck her entire foot! And they're not clean. But she's nice enough to clean them later... in the toilet! The poor girl being subjected to such treatment is crying and has toilet water dripping from her face by the end of the scene! The second scene is completely different! A cute blonde walks in on her sleeping friend and first admires her sexy, high heel clad feet before removing her shoes and sucking her toes. But she doesn't stop there! She parts the sleeping girl's shirt and fondles and sucks her tits too! When the girl finally wakes up she loves the special treatment and readily holds her legs up for more of the same toe sucking goodness!

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Scene1: 00:00:47 - 00:30:37 (29:50)



Scene2: 00:30:45 - 00:56:26 (25:41)