FitBondage 2

Released at: October 5, 2009 by David Mack Video Productions
1. Wenona is stretched, bound with leather. Her nipples are tickled with feathers and teased with tooth brush vibrators. Her nipples are noosed then tied thru pulleys to her ankles cuffs. She must hold her legs up or painfully stretch her nipples. 2. Wenona tests her leather strap bondage as she waits for me to gag her. I start by teasing her hard nipples with vibrating toothbrushes. The drool flows down Wenona's chest as the nipple teasing becomes more intense. Every time she thrashes hard to escape the teasing, I cut off her air to make her stay in line. I repeat this orgasm control session a few times to keep her on the edge of orgasm. 3. The hitachi brings Wenona to orgasm three times while cutting off her air. I do not allow her to breathe until after she cums. Wenona has five powerful orgasms without air. 4. Rachel Sinclaire is a wrestler and fitness model that I wanted to see on the site. Let's just say she was not into being played with and did not offer up too many reactions and needed to be untied and re gagged frequently. When I started teasing her prominent nipples, I did get reactions enough to make a good video out of it

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David Mack