Fine Bi Me Too!

Released at: January 9, 2006 by Adam & Eve
** 2007 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Bisexual Video. **The folks at Adam & Eve Pictures and AdamMale are pleased to announce the follow-up to last year's bi blockbuster Fine Bi Me! When it comes to group sex and girl-on-girl action, that's fine by me, but toss in some boy-on-boy lovin', and it's Fine Bi Me Too! Watch how the boundaries of sex get blurred in this no-holes-barred series where bygones are "bi"-gones! The original was nominated for an AVN Award, and the sequel is even hotter...don't miss out!

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Scene1: 00:01:22 - 00:20:28 (19:06)

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Scene4: 01:15:22 - 01:44:59 (29:37)