Fetish Recall Fact or Friction

Released at: August 28, 2003 by Private
Welcome to the ultimate display of fact vs. fiction that will draw you in, get your pistons pumping and make you explode over and over again! Can you draw the line between fantasy and reality? Fact and fiction? As the film opens, we are introduced to a group of homeless men sitting in a back lot trying to keep warm. The men of the group are hobos by trade. But one man, Bill Hopkins, is different. He has a story to tell: a fantastic story filled with drama, intrigue, deceit and lots of hardcore sex! Bill's story opens on his wedding night, where he and his wife Jenny (Michelle Wild, dressed in seductive white lace stockings) begin their honeymoon with a sexy romp that includes plenty of foot-lovin action and finishes with a wedding night toast from Michelle that you won't soon forget! The story continues to unfold as Bill receives a mysterious phone call telling him to go to a secret place, where we are greeted by our second sexual tale in a hay-filled barn. Here we find Nikki Blond and Rita Faltoyano riding one of the boys (Choky Ice) bareback while Bill is compelled by dominatrix Cameron Cruise to ride a mechanical bull. Amidst all the hot and horny action, the viewer is asked to decide: Are we to believe in Bill's fantastical tales, or are they just a load of mechanical bull? Either way, director Kovi takes you on a wild ride filled with elaborate settings, saucy fetish wear and loads of boot-licking fun! You won't find out if Bill's tales were truth or fiction until the surprise grand finale of Fetish Recall - fact or fiction?!

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