Femorg: Zara DuRose

Released at: December 11, 2014 by Femorg
We think you're really going to like hot twenty-four year-old British redhead Zara Durose! She's 5' 6" tall with enhanced size 36E breasts - and a tuft of bright strawberry red pubic hair down there! And she is very orgasmic! Zara had her first orgasm when she was 13 years old and playing with herself with her fingers. Zara Durose saunters into the living room wearing a short tri-colour dress and high heels. She lifts the skirt of the dress to show her black panties and garter belt that is holding up her nude thigh high stockings. She unzips the dress, lifting it up to show off her enormous breasts covered with a very sexy black bra. The dress comes off then Zara stands once more to allow us to fully appreciate her sexy undergarments. She takes off her bra, licks her fingers and tweaks her nipples. She peels off her panties and we get our first glimpse of that trimmed red pussy hair! As she touches herself, rubbing her clit and fingering, we can hear her wetness. :-) Zara sits back in the chair, leaving on her stockings and black high heels. She inserts a finger deep into her pussy and clearly enjoys it. Zara lets out a series moans and whimpers as she gets ready to cum. Zara has a fantastic, hard, long, contracting and perfectly visible orgasm. And there's a nice smile at the end of that one, too. Zara is wearing a pleated red mini skirt and a black lace shirt. She walks into the living room, lifting her skirt and top. She is teasing us. Just giving us little glimpses of her incredibly sexy printed lingerie. Wow. She sits down on the sofa, leaving on her black high heels and red thigh high stockings as she continues to masturbate her pussy with her fingers. After a nice finger massage warm up, Zara fires up the magic wand, rocking her hips up and down and closing her eyes to enjoy the vibrations. Watch as her face and neck turn red and she tweaks her nipple because she's about to cum. She uses two hands to position the toy, spreading her thighs wide apart gasping and whimpering as she enjoys an incredibly hard snapping orgasm. Nice! Zara's pussy is red and swollen! She gently touches it and lies back on the sofa to recover. Zara is now wearing incredibly high black high heels with black thigh high stockings, black leather shorts and a tight grey t-shirt. She turns her ass to the camera and it is barely covered by those black shorts. Barely. Zara gets seated in a chair, stroking her long nylon covered legs and fondly her enormous breasts. She pulls a black vibe out of her bag of goodies, inserting it into her pussy, licking off her juices, and massaging her clitoris. She goes back to her bag of goodies for her black battery powered wand vibe. Zara sits back in the chair, occasionally fingering her pussy as she toys her clitoris. As she orgasms this time, she lets out a few moans, tossing her head back as her pussy rhythmically contracts. She turns off the toy, gently stroking her pussy with her fingers before she licks off her juices. Zara is wearing acid bleached tight jean jeggings and a cropped black lace top as she kneels on the bed. The lace top comes off first then her hand goes into her pants. She turns around, facing her ass to the camera as she peels the jeggings down, exposing her pussy to the camera. With the pants still pulled down around her thighs, she reaches for a hot pink vibrator and rolls onto her back. With her hips curling upward, she is pressing firmly with that pink vibrator. The camera moves in for a closeup of her wetness in her slit. Zara gasps as she has a nice, pussy snapping orgasm! She rolls her legs over as she recovers.

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