Femorg: Rachel Travers

Released at: August 21, 2008 by Femorg
Rachel Travers is seated in front of a computer, and it looks as though she starts feeling horny while studying. She fondles her large breasts for a moment, then stands up to rub her bottom and take off her pants. Rachel is wearing a pair of thong panties and seems to enjoy rubbing her bottom and her pussy through the panties. Rachel takes her pants all the way off and sits back down in the office chair. She pulls her panties up between her lips, creating a camel-toe effect before taking the panties off too. Rachel fingers her pussy - it's completely shaved! She pulls her top down, exposing her enormous breasts. Rachel fingers and plays with her pussy for a bit before reaching up and grabbing a pocket rocket. Suddenly, Rachel lets out an "Ah" moan and she is cumming! It happened pretty quickly but the videographer did capture some of her contractions. Now Rachel is suddenly able to concentrate on studying! Rachel is back in the bedroom wearing a sexy, satin black robe. She makes herself comfortable on the bed and "tickles" herself with a red feather. Rachel rolls over onto her stomach and continues to play with the feather all over her body before reaching her hand around and rubbing her pussy. After a few more minutes, Rachel rolls back over onto her back, moistens her fingers and begins to finger her pussy - sometimes with a couple of fingers. She is ready for a bit more insertion though, so she reaches for her big rabbit toy and inserts that into her vagina. She pulls her legs up while she masturbates with the toy, and then puts them back down on the bed and continues to try to cum. After a few more minutes, the rabbit is abandoned in exchange for the pocket rocket. With her legs back up in the air, it's not long before Rachel is cumming again - and the videographer nearly missed it, but she catches it just in time.

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