Fear Of A Black Penis

Released at: September 29, 2014 by Lethal Hardcore
Kayla West never expected that her job interview would involve getting dicked down by a bad brotha, but she did her best because she needs the paper! Summer will do anything to score a fake ID even if it means a long hard ride from a big dick gangsta! Carmen woke up from a bad dream, but ended up making her daddy's worst nightmare come true when she sucked and fucked a Rapper's big black cock! Alice got lost in a dangerous part of town, but luckily Isiah gave her "a hood pass" after he got a piece of her white ass! Jennifer tried to pay her landlord with free lap dances, but he said "I ain't no trick, pay me or take all 10 inches of this big black dick!"

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Scene1: 00:05:46 - 00:47:38 (41:52)


Kayla West

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