Family Fucks And Cums First

Released at: June 5, 2019 by Penthouse
Meet Judy (Kara Lee), an 18-year-old that has a family gathering, full of sex craved freaks, at her house. Her mother, Audrey Miles, cheats on her husband, Hugh (Tyler Steel) with her Aunt Gretchen's (Addie Andrews) husband (J Mac). Plus, Judy has to deal with her tool looking Uncle Jack (Kyle Mason) who jumps on Judy's hot step sister, Barbie (Sofie Reyez). Judy doesn't know what to do as she drinks to every horny encounter; her new family makes, but the only person keeping her sane is her handsome step cousin, Owen (Johnny The Kid). Hope Judy can control her alcohol and not fall into the family sex curse and move in on Owen or Owen moving in on her. This is Family Fucks and Cums First! It's a wild family gathering of moaning and screaming.

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