Fake Agent UK Vol. 7

Released at: June 8, 2021 by Fake Agent UK
Jamie answered our advert, and came in looking quite elegant for her casting. The sultry brunette told me about some sex parties she'd been organizing with friends, so she was already in the business, and interested in expanding her work. We spoke a little business, and determined she liked women, watersports, and was okay with a cheeky tongue or a finger in her arse, but nothing bigger! I complimented her amazing arse, then asked her to strip down to her shoes and sexy stockings for me. Jamie masturbated like an expert, then let me finger her tight pussy and asshole before I fucked her. Such a sensual bird, and squirts like a water fountain! It was absolutely fantastic. I hope I get to see her again.

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Scene1: 00:00:17 - 00:38:54 (38:37)


Jamie Ray

Scene2: 00:38:55 - 01:16:45 (37:50)


Mandy Slim

Scene3: 01:16:46 - 01:49:02 (32:16)


Sienna Day

Scene4: 01:49:03 - 02:19:56 (30:53)