Exxxplicit Candy Featuring Emily Addison

Released at: April 17, 2017 by CandyGirl Video
Exxxplicit Candy for these kinky gals is all about the hard stuff! What's not to like about sultry babes experiencing intense orgasms while playing with themselves and/or each other?! In this debut edition, you'll see Emily Addison in both an oral sex and POV fantasy with a fucking machine that includes a creamy wet orgasm! Next, Paris Kennedy takes on our Glow stick sex toy, the toy lights up and changes colors depending on how it's being used. Next, Dakota Charms reaches a very satisfying orgasm using one of her favorite dildo toys. Finally, Savannah Rae and Kenna Valentina touch, kiss and lick each other's pretty kitties in this all-out girl/girl love fest!

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