Euro Teens 2

Released at: January 11, 2002 by Metro
Janet, Lucy, Melanie, Clara, Petra, Louis and Danny are real Euro teens and hungry; even extremely hungry to discover a new world of the unknown. The beautiful and virgin girls want just one thing: to experience many new, tender and hot emotions. The teens want everything and know amazingly well how to get it. Janet, our blond and virgin teeny, dreams about young and fresh boys. Her pussy is like a beautiful flower, young, fresh and extremely desirable. When Danny walks into her room, she changes into a volcano, with a hot and crazy desire to have Danny's delicious cock inside her wet pussy; she will eat him and drink every drop of him! Louis, Lucy, Melanie, Clara and Petra show a real ride on Louis' young, hard and strong cock! The sensual and impressive explosion of emotions and finally orgasms is even beyond their imagination. They couldn't resist their hungry feeling and were determined to discover how great it is to feel fresh sperm exploding on their face, in their mouth and taste it on their tongues. Euro teens take you through the sheer magic of sucking, licking, fucking, riding and exploding! You'll explode with them for sure!

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