Euro Scavenger

Released at: January 9, 2001 by Sunshine
It's a salacious scavenger hunt for four horny stiffs searching the Continent for the nastiest anal performances in Europe! George discovers cover girl Camilla, a tiny blonde with natural gumdrop tits! In an awesome bathroom he probes her ass and facials her with his spunk. Jan finds dark haired exotic Jill and plows her bunghole before unloading on her face. Dirty, blonde Ellen proves to Robert her true cock hunger- she really gets into giving him an incredibly sloppy hot blowjob before giving him her asshole. George's next candidate is Marilyn, a European "girl-next-door". He licks and fucks her ass, and her little baby face looks especially cute stuffed with cock. Vanessa's short blond hair and excellent body 9great rack!) Could be too much for one stud, so Bobby and Stan double-penetrate and double facial this horny hussy. The hard evidence is all in this video. You decide which European slut puts her ass out best!

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