EM-03: The Lesson

Released at: June 29, 2009 by L. Scott Sales
World class bodybuilder Dawn Whitman with her muscular tattooed body, 16-inch biceps, and 44FF chest is the teacher. Easy Ed is the pupil. Ed is getting his butt kicked on a regular basis by his tough wife. Ed decides to fight back and comes to Dawn for wrestling lessons. What Ed gets is a lesson in pain. Dawn gets his head in every hold in the book! She uses standing head scissors, body scissors, arm locks, etc. in teaching Ed how to wrestle. (Dawn loves to cause pain and it shows in this video.) Dawn crushes Ed in a headlock using her 16" arms, and then nearly smothers Ed using her massive 44FF tits. Ed is beaten from one end of the room to another as Dawn gets off on punishing this poor male slob.

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