Released at: February 18, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Heavyweight Bout" Big and curvy Elektra stops by to do her very first scene ever. But in the midst of a very enthusiastic blow job, hot BBW Maddy knocks at the door, warning him not to shoot with a girl named Elektra! She also wants to do a BJ scene with Rodney herself. Right then and there. Little does she know that Rodney's cock is already wet from Elektra's drool. He keeps them in separate rooms going back and forth between, neither knowing the other is there. How long can he keep it up? They both lick his balls and ass so good. Finally, they find out they are both there sucking cock, but Rodney's cock is too good to give up so they decide sharing is good. They share his cock and then they share each others big beautiful bodies. They lick each others tits and smother each others faces with theirhot big asses!Then Rodney gives Maddy a thick wad of cum in her mouth and she shares that with Elektra. She spits it in her mouth and she drools it down to her big BBW tits and they both rub it around with glee!

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