Released at: June 15, 2015 by Provocateur Pictures
Jenna's prowess as a deviant mistress grows the longer she is under my wing. In this story my newest house girl Sophia is minding her business reading, during one of her few moments of rest, but Jenna won't have any of that. Jenna sneaks up slowly to Sophia, knowing that she can't resist. Jenna drops one of her high heeled pumps and begins to rub Sophia's feet with her soft nylon foot. Jenna takes over Sophia's space, crossing her legs over Sophia's lap and pulling her into the moment. Jenna removes Sophia's shoes one by one, carefully attending to each of her precious feet, warming her up for the main course. Jenna rubs Sophia's stocking feet and legs passionately, making sure every sensual touch vibrates through Sophias voluptuous body. Jenna finally strips Sophia out of her skirt and bustier, releasing her large breasts! Jenna continues her tease by removing Sophia's stockings one by one and sniffing them for her own pleasure. Jenna kisses and carresses each of Sophias wrinkled soled feet, loving them gently, teaching Sophia just how she likes her own feet loved. Once she is done teaching, Jeanna finishes stripping herself revealing sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie and she presents her nylon encased feet to Sophia. Sophia takes the cue and does exactly as Jenna did, paying careful attention to each part of her perfect petite feet. Sophia rubs Jenna's feet along her breasts and body, taking in each moment as if it were her last. Then these two assume a scissor position to worship each other's feet. Madly licking each other's soles, sucking one another's toes, Jenna's still within her nylons, Sophia's free.

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