Educating Alli

Released at: August 5, 2009 by Wicked Pictures
Alli (Alektra Blue) is a young woman who's down on her luck and has lost her way... that is until she meets a rich business man. Stewart (Randy Spears) takes Alli in, and begins to show her the finer things in life. But he also shows her a darker side, a side that will change her life forever. Their relationship eventually turns sexual, and Stewart's twisted games soon push her closer and closer to her limit. Alli soon realizes who, and what Stewart really is, and now must decide what to do about it. Alektra delivers the performance of her career, both her acting and sexual energy are incredible. If you're an Alektra Blue fan this is a must see... if you're not a fan then this movie will make you one. So sit back and enjoy as Alli gets educated.

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