Eat My Muffin

Released at: February 13, 2015 by Girlsway
Mrs. Tate has always been the most supportive parent on the block, even if she has no real daughters of her own. A devoted soccer mom, president of the homeschool association, and blue ribbon award for winning baker; she is always there to help her step-daughters and their friends whenever they need support. When Scarlet shows up one day looking for advice, Mrs. Tate welcomes the young neighbor inside and shows her and her step-daughter Bailey just how to behave like real women. Mrs. Tate coaches Scarlet and Bailey how to please each other before turning her eye on her other step-daughter, Katerina. Katerina has been having a rough time in school and her hormones are buzzing. She never had sex and now with her school problems she strated to smoke. Being under supervision of her stepmom Tanya, Katerina feels trapped. And once she got caught smoking in the backyard, she thought it will be the point of no return. Quite the opposite, because as strict as Tanya can be, she wants to help. Katerina quickly gets to know that she can trust her stepmom with anything and that you should always trust an older woman with your stress issues. Watch Tanya introducing her stepdaughter Katerina into the world of woman-on-woman love as they both masturbate outdoors just to get wonderful orgasms! Staci is saving money for her college and while other kids get everything from their parents, Staci needs to learn the hard work. She catches part time jobs all the time and today she's invited to Ms. DeVille's house for some yard work. Cherie DeVille is this beautiful MILF kind of woman and she loves to watch over younger girls. She secretly peeks at Staci's work routine and she's thrilled that girl is a hard-worker and got herself so dirty she will need to have a bath in her house. Staci is not sure about that, but Cherie insists. It quickly becomes clear what was the real purpose of inviting a college girl into big empty house of Ms. DeVille - she just wanted a ripe, juicy body to have sex with! Dating is such a bad idea these days. Taylor has been having this toxic relationship for quite some time and it seems it's finally finished today with a major fight over the phone. Her stepmom Cherie hears it all and comes to the rescue. She must do everything she can to help her stepdaughter, because she had problems with men in the past and she knows how much it hurts. She tells her young stepdaughter that she should trust her with all these relationship issues and once Taylor opens up and put out all the frustration she collected over the weeks, her stepmom knows the remedy. She seduces her stepdaughter into having sex with another woman, because once you are mad at boys, you will see a true pleasure in sensual lick of another woman.

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