Dusk's Pee

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Galaxy Productions
Not really "60 minutes" here, but this blonde hottie is just amazing. Very ample and supple indeed, goes by the name of Dusk. Tall and an ass to die for as our pervert questioner feels her. Dusk or dawn, this girl is all smiles as she is rolled up in her Vegas hotel room, a past AVN gathering no doubt. And she has to go pee.???? And not scripted either, this girl really has to potty. Black thong panties and she is tight as a preacher's dick in a cow's ass. Who wants to be that toilet seat??? Squatting just above the bowl, with her belly chain dangling, the clear stream pours forth, nary a drop wasted or spilled, right into the potty she goes. And she really did have to go too, lots of pee pee. And she loved that you watched too. Who needs potty paper???? What man would not clean her little peach fuzz with his face???? If your fantasy is amazon blondes with ass cheeks to die for, dial it up. You want to scrub with some Irish Spring on a cloth and just use her streaming urine as your shower water. She uses that dancer's squat and you want to bring out those dollar bills. Better yet, what a way to "launder" money. Just place those tens and twenties under her running stream and primp them up that way. A very nice, little intro number into the pee world of Galaxy Productions. And how many more areas and items of depravity shall be forthcoming here. We shall explore all of that and more together in this romp through bodily functions and feasts of the flesh.

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