Dusk Cums

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Galaxy Productions
Don't know whether this one is the "before" or "after" Dusk Pees, but who the hell cares?? This amazon is drop-dead gorgeous and she is tenderly teasing herself upon that perfect peach slit of hers. Round and round like a little button she goes, and gets a tit working in the other hand. Hard to tell now if we have a patch, peach or shaved but her tits are major league, no doubt about them. Gene Simmons-like tongue Dusk has too. Savage, the ever-present and innovative pervert that he is, slips her a mini-torpedo vibrato, which she can be very versatile with. Always fresh batteries as it hums a merry tune along her slot box. Dusk can breast-feed Cambodia with those knockers. Savage should offer to pay for her accordion lessons. Shoes stay on as she postures onto the sheets, neatly trimmed awning peeks over a tasty meal. This girl has to be over six foot tall and she works the mechanized, helmet-head toy into her slits and slices. Savage has to sample the wine too so he pokes his fingers into her business. Three of them, so she has some room in there for small appliances. She yaks herself off six times per day??? Better buy the batteries at the wholesale club. If you like big, tall, perfectly-shaped, horny blondes, Dusk is for you. Those thighs could choke a zebra in heat. The small tuning fork is doing a number on her as she twitches and moans approval. She cums quick, easy and often. Sounds like a recipe for voting. Dusk is a horny one but its time for some accessorizing. Look at the cute toupee above her busy street. Very nice. Black stocking tops/suspender belt combo, like an all in one corset, if you will, ....something got stuck in her ass??? Nice blooper there. Never mind cumming on cue, dressing on cue can be a headache too. Savage said it best----"The only thing that counts is you being naked." Once you get used to this guy, can a gig at ESPN be in his future?? Behold her ass. Perfectly highlighted with the stockings, etc. Now a real vibrator enters the fray. More like a real cock. Humming like a bird and into the front door it goes. She also enjoys sucking the phallus. Even when its on, no biggie, but he won't pay for her dental work if she chips a tooth. Look at how she makes her tits dance. That is one special effect for the ages. All right, no more foreplay. Let's put that foot long, peach tree to some use and bury it into her fruit orchard. You could play miniature golf with that thing,. Whether its hi-voltage or cruise control toys, she frigs herself with biggie and smallie. She is enjoying this way too much, judging by the times she's messed on herself. Somebody slipped a real meat slab into her gaping mouth and smart money says Savage is test driving his new toy. She is the cutest cocksucker you will ever see. Look at her, just staring directly at you, her eyes telling you she wants your cock next. Meanwhile, the room sounds like a machine shop. Its a harmless cock, really. Made for sucking and not doing damage, battering down her meat blinds. She could strip paint off your house with those talons she has. She is sucking a "pretty" cock, if there is such a thing. That pointy, helmet head can shoot a load,-- right up into the air it went and landed on her mug, very fresh but you gotta catch that one, it happens real fast. This girl is a total doll. From Dusk to Dawn, do it with Dusk.

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