Dungeons of Darkness

Released at: May 14, 2020 by Global Media
Nubile flesh is the main course... for those that only feast at night! Goth club girl Katie Jordan, has incurred the wrath of Night Stalkers Darian Caine and A.J. Kahn. It is time to teach her a lesson. There, she is caged like an animal, chained helplessly and stripped of all her clothes, save her boots. The women take turns as she rants and raves; administering as much cruelty as the girl can bear. She is then tied to a cross, whipped and compelled to wear a muzzle while hot wax is poured on her entire body. Still not satisfied, they strap her to a table, face down, and penetrate her again and again. But the worst is yet to come... in the Dungeons of Darkness.

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