Dream Girls: Wild Party Girls #1

Released at: March 30, 2001 by Dream Girls
Have you ever wondered how much havoc 2 uninhibited party girls can wreak on Miami Beach in just 24 hours? Buckle up - these girls are flashing before the plane leaves the ground. Jamie & Heather are willing to let it all hang out, and we're there to catch the exclusive up-close action. You'll see Jamie & Heather baring it all in the shower, at a public street festival, at the airport, sneaking a camera into a clothing store dressing room, flashing at a sidewalk caf, and even having oral sex in a nightclub! Wild Party Girls uncovers the craziest college coeds as they get naked in a wild wet t-shirt contest where it takes Skin to Win! Next, join us on Bourbon Street where we see even the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives turn into Wild Party Girls. Then, we go to America's best all-nude pool party where more than 100 completely naked girls compete for the title of Miss Nude North America. We cap this adventure off by fulfilling Heather's fantasy as Jamie fucks Heather silly with her favorite strap-on!

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