Dream Girls: Special Assignment #5

Released at: July 3, 2001 by Dream Girls
How many times have you caught yourself trying to catch a glimpse up some really fine girl's skirt? Well, our new videographer "PantyMan" is on a lifetime mission to film the legs and up the skirts of this world's finest women. Now it's your turn to join PantyMan as he visits the world's most populated vacation spots with his patented PantyCam perfectly aimed for hot legs and up-the-skirt action. In each video, you'll see scene after scene of PantyMan following women up and down side-walks, streets, escalators, and through shopping malls! He's also perfected his technique for all the hot girls and short skirts on dance floors and at street festivals! Each peek leads to a new adventure. Will it be sexy panties, fishnets, thigh-highs or nothing at all? The answers lie in each PantyMan adventure!

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Scene2: 00:46:15 - 01:19:56 (33:41)

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