Dream Girls: Special Assignment #29

Released at: February 23, 2004 by Dream Girls
All right guys! Your destination: One of America's biggest parties...Bourbon Street! Party with thousands of America's sexiest sisters, housewives, and coeds flashing tits, bush, and ass for the ever-coveted beads! OK - now shake 'em around for us! We take our annual journey through the debauchery of that infamous week surrounding Fat Tuesday where we "un"-cover America's finest babes baring it all - anywhere and anyplace! We're still amazed what a girl will do just for beads! We've never seen New Orleans flooded with so many wholesome and beautiful collegiates. This was a banner year - the year of the bush (or baldy)?! These girls were stunning, seductive, sexational and downright outrageous! Don't blame us if you see your sister or neighbor showing it all! This is all the action with no filler flash after flash!

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