Dream Girls: Real Adventures 30

Released at: July 17, 2001 by Dream Girls
**YOU WANT AMERICA'S SEXIEST NEIGHBORS SHOWIN' THEIR STUFF?** You got it right in your hands! Collegiates, sisters, housewives, and girlfriends - more than 100 fresh amateur girls in 27 awesome scenes!! You want public nudity? How about outside a crowded nightclub, at a park, on campus at a major university, on a major roadway and public sidewalk, in a convertible, and wherever we catch girls showing it all in public! You'll be front row center checking out America's hottest Spring Break cuties in 2 'no-holds-barred' wet t-shirt contests where it takes skin to win! Before you can blink an eye, we take you to 2 of America's greatest street parties - Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest. Speaking of parties, the girls at Nudes a Poppin' show us their favorite positions - bent over and spread wide! Ever wonder if that girl in the nightclub has panties on? PantyMan has the answers! Cast you vote for "Best Ass of the Month" - you'll see some incredible bouncing butts in a smokin' Booty shake contest. Finally, our cameras roam the dance floors at our favorite nightclubs peeking under skirts, admiring bouncing cleavage, encouraging tit & ass flashing, and creating a frenzy for all the exhibitionists in the crowd. Of course, we coaxed 7 innocent amateurs right into the back room for those 'private views'! How do you say no to a minimum of 100 hot girls and 23 awesome scenes packed into 2 hours of non-stop party madness? Take this Party-in-a-Box home today!

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