Dream Girls: Real Adventures 135

Released at: December 20, 2010 by Dream Girls
Get ready for the most action-packed edition of Real Adventures yet! Real Adventures 135 takes you on a whirlwind tour of crazy girls getting naked all across the country. Your Real Adventures 135 Hostess is a hot and sexy brunette named Shawna. Shawna has terrific and natural boobs along with a sweet ass and she gets over her shyness quickly as she bares all in public all around Tampa. Real Adventures 135 starts with an up close and personal Wet T Shirt contest that puts you right in the action. Then it's off to the Ozarks and Party Cove where we have girls getting naked on boat tops and on each other. You want more public flashing? It's off to Bourbon Street and you will see all types of women flash their tits in public for beads. Then it's off to Key West where you will see more hot women in awesome costumes and completely naked in body paint. Then it's off to the clubs for some up the skirt action and then we take a girl we met and we take her to get her nipples pierced. Add in a spring break birthday party with some hot behind the scenes action and wrap this all up with a party at one of our exclusive condos with hot girls flashing and you have a Real Adventure worth the trip!

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