Dream Girls: Real Adventures 13

Released at: March 29, 2000 by Dream Girls
"I can't believe I'm doing this!" That's the #1 quote we hear from all the fresh amateur girls appearing when we catch them at the right time, at the right place, just downright naked! You'll see more than 100 fresh amateur girls in 23 awesome scenes!! You'll be front row center checking out America's hottest spring break cuties in 2 'No holds barred' wet T-shirt contests where it takes skin to win! Before you can blink an eye, we take you to 2 of America's greatest street parties - Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest. The girls at Nudes' a Poppin' show us their favorite positions - bent over and spread wide! You want public nudity? How about showing it all on busy streets, riding in convertables, and naked on the interstate! Cast your vote for "best ass of the month" - you'll see some real winners in 2 smokin' booty-shake contests. Of course, we always talk several innocent amateurs right into the back room for those 'private views'! We even follow the action back to a party house where 3 lucky guys get to give one lucky girl an intimate nude rub down! Finally, ever wonder if that girl in the nightclub has panties on? Pantyman has the answers! How do you say no to 100 hot girls and 23 awesome scenes packed into 2 hours? Take this 'party in a box' home today!

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