Dream Girls: Real Adventures 11

Released at: January 31, 2000 by Dream Girls
~~"I Can't Believe I'm Doing This!" ~~That's the !1 quote we hear from all the fresh amateur girls when we catch them at the right time, at the right place, just downright naked! And you'll see more than 100 of America's girls next door showin'' their stuff to our lucky cameramen in 25 unbelievable scenes! Join us front row center in 2 hot skin-to-win contests! Next, we're on the dance floors with unbelievably hot girls grinding, shaking, and groovin' in our favorite nightclubs. We always talk a few girls into the back room for some 'behind the scenes' action. Speaking of grinding, we have 2 wild. Booty Shake contests with Bootyus to the Maximus!! You want to see girls naked in public? How about downtown!...a public library!... a fast food restaurant!...on the beach... a public pier... a game room... a busy street... 13 crazy Public Nudity Scenes in all! Join us on the streets for 2 of America's greatest parties -Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest, where you'll see many of America's finest coeds and sweethearts getting naked for the first time and possibly only time! PantyMan's back with more of his patented Up-the-Skirt footage, and we wrap this up with one of the best nude fests in the world - Nudes a Poppin' where girl after girl competes for the title of "Miss Nude North America". How do you say no to 100 Hot Girls and 25 awesome scenes packed into 2 hours of party madness?

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