Down To Fuck A Stranger Vol. 9

Released at: March 24, 2020 by MOFOS
**Teen Spinner's Phone Sex Goes Viral:** It was a rainy day and I was out for a drive on my way back to my place. I came to a stop sign when I noticed this hot chick standing at the corner of the street with shopping bags in her hand. She had obviously just gone to the mall, but what peeked my interest was the fact that she started approaching my car! Kiki Klot was her name and she was in need for a ride service. I was more than willing to help her out by giving her a lift to her boyfriend's. Only as I started to drive, she was dirty talking to her boyfriend over the phone and giving me a raging boner! I decided to pull over to the side of the road and give this cock craving slut the big tip she was hoping for! I hope her boyfriend doesn't mind, but Kiki was too horny to wait! **Nautical Naughtiness:** We've all been there - cruising over the waves in our expensive luxury yacht, when we find a cute, half-naked stowaway snoozing on the couch! Or am I the only one? Either way, stranded Vienna Black seems to have found the nearest couch during a late night dock party, waking up to a helpful captain. What better way to say thanks than to peel off your clothes and surprise him with sloppy cock worship? Time to go down on the ship! **Stranded Summers:** I was on my way up north when I saw this chick on the side of the road holding up a sign. She was clearly hitchhiking and I decided to pull over and help this stranded teen out. As we were driving, I got to know this cutie a little better and I could tell that she was looking for a change. Alana Summers was her name and getting some dick was her game! I played with her perky tits for a bit before pulling over so that this cock craving whore could ride my dick in the back seat! Always pick up hitchhikers my friends--especially if they're sexy chicks! **Stranded Ms Stone:** Today's driving test features the nervous teen Kharlie Stone. Don't be distracted by the tight body under her red dress or cute braces, she's still dangerous behind the wheel! Rolling stops, sudden braking, ignoring the hands-free laws. Honestly, there's no way this adorable teen deserves to be on the road. We need to leave her stranded! Not even if she pulled out her perfect gumdrop nipples... Flashed her tight, wet, pink, 18-year-old wet pussy... Wait, what driving test? **Stranded Slut Sucks Another Dick:** Kendra Spade just got tossed out onto the street with all her belongings. Her - now ex - boyfriend seemed to have a problem with her being a dirty slut when he's out of town. Well, there's no slut shaming here! Delicious Kendra confidently makes her way into Sean's car and has him take her away from the trouble. Soon she whips out her juicy tits and tight slit, flaunting them without issue! This nympho was made to destroy lives in the hottest way possible. A horny teen is hard to please, and Kendra is no exception...

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Kiki Klout

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