Dominating My Trans Fuck Doll

Released at: March 29, 2022 by SydneyScreams4u
Nikki Lilith is such a good little slut for her Mistress, Sydney Screams. For being a good toy, Sydney grants Nikki the pleasure of worshipping her plump body between slapping her face & tits. Before Nikki can get her tight little fuckhole filled, she has to please her Mistress. Sydney slides her toy's pants off revealing a sexy, slutty ass that's aching to be fucked. But before Nikki can have Sydney's strap, Sydney wants to turn her ass red with spanks! She starts by spanking Nikki's ass with her hands before she pulls out floggers and paddle to help turn that ass red. Sydney doesn't hold back as she dominates this slut! She spanks, flogs, and paddles Nikki's ass and thighs before flicking & smacking her balls before she pulls on her strap-on to fuck Nikki's slutty hole. Sydney pounds Nikki's ass with the strap making sure that Nikki will remember the pounding tomorrow when she sits at her computer or in her car. This slut gets the proper fucking she needs as Sydney uses her for her own pleasure until Nikki looks like a cum brained slut!!

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