DOM Gets It In The End

Released at: March 9, 2022 by Amber Michaels Productions
I am a strict Dom here. Showing how I am extremely good at training my sub man and yet showing him great pleasure too. I have him tied to the bed and he is totally in my control. My body is the tool I use to treat him and also taunt him. But I must have missed something. Even though I am fucking him good as a reward, he has gotten loose and turns the tables on me. He over powers me and has me suck and deep throat his cock. I feel so humiliated as he is not controlling me and I must do as he wants. Before I know it, he is fucking me so hard. I am now his submissive slut. My body is his playground and I am unable to get free. He uses no stop, but he knows I have not learned a true lesson. So he takes his huge hard cock and shoves it in my tight little ass. I squeal out objecting to him thrusting so hard in my ass. He just smiles and takes my ass for a long deep ride. Stretching it out to his satisfaction and holding nothing back. He finally is ready to cum, he puts his cock in my mouth and has me taste my ass off of it. Then pushes his cock deep down my throat and begins to squirt out his huge load. When he is all done, he ties me to the bed spread eagle for everyone to enjoy! Yes the dom fought hard and got it in the END literally.

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