Dirty Slutty Maids

Released at: May 17, 2012 by MelonJuggler Productions
So you ordered a maid, and when you go to the door you see that her breasts are busting out! Not only that, but she's wearing sexy thigh highs and a garter belt under a too short skirt! Well, obviously you're delighted with your new dirty slutty maid, and you can't wait for her to get to work... on your cock! It's obvious she's not wearing panties on her wet snatch and you can't wait to dive in to it! This maid may have been hired to clean your house, but it's quickly apparent that her plan has more to do with cleaning your hard cock! They will tidy what they find and one cleans a big black dock while two maids play with each other rather than do their duty. Vacuum cleaners do some sucking as well - all over those big busty and rotund maids! These dirty slutty maids will leave your cock sucked dry!

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