Dirty Lesbian Playtime

Released at: February 28, 2022 by Mature British Lesbians
My Good Friend Sarah Jane had come round to visit me and we were all set ready for an afternoon of Dirty Lesbian Fun we were both feeling so hot and Horny and couldn't keep our hands off each other and were soon sucking on each other's tits, and after I had got Sarah suitably aroused It was time to introduce her to my Vibrating Wand and she soon was responding well and her pussy was getting so wet and Juicy I just had to get down and lick up all those juices, my Turn Next and I lay on my back legs wide apart as Sarah got to work on my Pussy pushing the pulsating head of the wand hard against my Clit, I soon took control as she sucked on my hard nipples and it didn't take me long to reach an electrifying Climax. Trisha xxx

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