Dirty Girls

Released at: December 5, 2022 by Alpha Blue Archives
The series of isolated scenes, viewed by cupid-doll sexpot Jacqueline Lorains and her companion Jamie Gillis include: Kelly Nichols in a three-way with Rocky and boyfriend Billy Dee; blonde bombshell Joanna Storm, miffed at her boyfriend Christians adulterous ways, seducing her personal trainer Francois Papillon and inducing a three-way including the other woman, Kitten; a lesbian scene between house hunter Stacey Donovan and realtor Cody Nicole; masturbating red-haired MILF Colleen Brennan taking on voyeurs Tom Byron and his friend; and aunt Helga Sven. Every single sex scene is scorching, and for those who don't care for plot with their vintage porn, this remains a masterpiece.

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