Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Released at: January 9, 2009 by ZFX Productions
When video technician Bill Smith gets a "Dear John" letter from his wife, who, on the advice of her friends Suzy and Jill, has taken up with a bodybuilder, he decides revenge is in order. Then he notices an ad for Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (DDDDC) Inc. Their business: to exact the custom revenge of your choosing, for a nominal fee. All is videotaped for your viewing pleasure, and as proof the work has been completed. In a fit of rage, Billy makes arrangements for his wife and her friends to be abused by Dirty Deeds. Two weeks pass and as promised mysterious videotape shows up. As Billy watches the tape he is shocked to see that Dirty Deeds carried out his revenge to the letter as he witnesses his wife and her friends being bound and brutalized. First, gorgeous brunette Suzy is tied spread eagle as DDDDC's ace henchman Guido, plies his trade on her soft flesh. This pretty lady really squirms as clothes pins are copiously applied to breasts, nipples and labia. Next, sultry Jill is roped and ball gagged in a tight chair tie, her breasts very tightly bound, nipples bulging, as she is compelled to watch Suzy's horrendous punishment. Finally, Billy's pretty wife gets her just reward as she is strung up, dick gagged, then whipped and paddled until her sweet body is welted. Not yet done with her suffering, she is then bound bent over a chair for a thorough probing by Guido until her humiliation is more complete. This is early ZFX at its most intense and provocative, starring bondage superstar Alison Parish.

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