Dirty Debutantes #48

Released at: May 12, 2000 by Ed Powers Productions
The first scene opens with Lori Michaels, a sexy well built woman and totally shaved. Lori gets her ass licked and played with. She gives Ed a blowjob and they have sex in different positions. Celine Devoux is next; Ed sits behind her rubbing her breasts and rubs her clit. Ed pounds her pretty hard doing anal. She said she never had anal before. Scene three Malitia is a 6' redhead with small tits and loves an extended anal scene with Ed Powers. She even blows a bubble out of her pussy. Stacy Milkavitch is next and she really doesn't speak any English and does a strip-tease and masturbates. They masturbate together and He cums on her tits. The video finishes with Ed Powers jerking off into Jennefer's mouth she would go all the way this time. Then there's a brief masturbation scene with Stacy.

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Scene2: 00:36:57 - 01:11:47 (34:50)

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Scene4: 01:44:46 - 02:10:23 (25:37)

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