Dirty Debutantes #357

Released at: February 7, 2012 by Ed Powers Productions
They're fun ad full of personality and all new to the exciting world of the adult entertainment market place of the world. Leah Wilde is a bit wild. She may look innocent but she is pussy pounding, shirt ripping and a very orgasmic woman. As much as she may grow to love the biz, I believe the biz will love her. Leah is hot! Ann Kelley is intense with a little vulnerability. Ann is sexy and into it! Camille is experiencing her first boy-girl full sex scene on camera. Camille is part Asian and eager to explore her sexuality. Volume ~~#357~~ may show the mileage but the experience is still there and new as if it is all the first time. For reality in your sexual viewing it's all right here! Please Enjoy! With peace and love, Ed Powers.

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